Far more revealing

Saba Fatima (SIUE): On the Edge of Knowing: Microaggression and Epistemic Uncertainty as a Woman of Color. “Who needs a controversy over the inauguration?”: Reince Priebus opens up about his six months of magical thinking. White House reportedly had a sinister ulterior motive for rolling out its cruel “meal boxes” idea. Carvell Wallace on why Black Panther is a defining moment for black America. Louise Linton’s antics are far more revealing than she knows. Does Jared Kushner’s massive debt make him a threat to national security? Sarah Kendzior on why former Trump staffers may be walking security threats. “Congrats to the Washington Post on their brand new columnist, who responded to Sandy Hook with this wisdom” (and more). Ronan Farrow on Donald Trump, the Playboy model Karen McDougal, and a system for concealing infidelity.