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M. Babajide Wintoki and Yaoyi Xi (Kansas): Political Partisan Bias in Mutual Fund Portfolios. Why do people find Jordan Peterson so convincing? Slavoj Zizek on says it’s because the Left doesn’t have its own house in order (and more: “A Reply to my Critics Concerning an Engagement with Jordan Peterson”). Anti-Semitic attacks rose faster last year than any time in nearly 40 years, ADL says. Hua Hsu on the glory days of The Face, and the magic of old magazines. Quinn Norton: “The New York Times fired my doppelganger”. Julia Llinas Goodman on what Supreme Court’s DACA ruling means for Dreamers. At least four countries discussed how to “manipulate” Kushner. Ivanka Trump wants power with no accountability (and more and more).

Trump’s tax cuts in hand, companies spend more on themselves than on wages. Surprise: Corporate tax cuts are making the rich even richer. Thread: “To be blunt: our slide toward utter dysfunction continues to be aided and abetted by journalists compulsion to practice ‘Both-Sidesism’ and false equivalence. It is pernicious and dangerous”.