Sinclair effect

Gregory J. Martin and Josh McCrain (Emory): Local News and National Politics. Local news is shrinking from the Sinclair Effect. From the Baffler, all politics is local: Sinclair News conquers America for Trump, one living room at a time. Helaine Olen on why Trump’s support for Sinclair Broadcasting is so concerning. Erik Wemple on the real problem with Sinclair’s “fake” news script. The real problem with Sinclair: They have a right to their conservative opinions — but media consolidation and one-size-fits-all content damages the discourse in communities nationwide. Public shaming won’t stop Sinclair: The local-news broadcaster has ignited public outrage by making its journalists rail against “fake news” — its viewers won’t care (and more).

Thread: “The solution to #Sinclair is not a consumer-driven boycott but federal regulation and breaking up media monopolies. Which will require politics and winning”.