Scandalous Scott Pruitt revelations

Scott Pruitt’s dirty politics: Margaret Talbot on how the Environmental Protection Agency became the fossil-fuel industry’s best friend. Making America toxic again: Scott Pruitt’s job is to protect the environment — unfortunately, God has other plans for him. Scott Pruitt vs. the Pope: The EPA administrator has become the de facto spokesperson for a fringe version of Christian environmentalism. Scott Pruitt thinks limited government is divine. Climate science-disputing EPA head also disputes evolution. Climate change skeptics run the Trump administration. The EPA ousted science advisers — now it’s going after the science itself.

Scott Pruitt’s schedule is filled with speeches to industry groups, companies regulated by the EPA: EPA administrator snubs environmental and public health groups. Scott Pruitt is slowly strangling the EPA: Umair Irfan on the unprecedented regulatory slowdown and rollbacks at the Environmental Protection Agency. It’s been one year of amazing Scott Pruitt accomplishments, all of them horrible. How the EPA’s Scott Pruitt became the most dangerous member of Trump’s Cabinet. Here’s a bracketology on the worst member of Trump’s Cabinet. Ex-EPA chief: Agency will need “20 to 30” years to recover from Pruitt.

Scott Pruitt wants the EPA to spend less on the environment and more on his favorite aides. EPA mulled leasing a private jet, and other scandalous Scott Pruitt revelations. There’s no Scott Pruitt scandal to see here. Scott Pruitt’s bizarre condo scandal and mounting ethics questions, explained. In just 24 hours, Scott Pruitt’s scandals blew up into an ethics crisis. Emily Atkin on the conservative coddling of Scott Pruitt. Why won’t the EPA watchdog fully investigate Pruitt?

The real scandal at the EPA? It’s not keeping us safe. In the Trump administration, the polluters are in control. How Trump is letting polluters off the hook, in one chart. The polluted state of the union: It’s too soon to have data on Trump’s impact on the environment, but after his first year, the outlook is clear.