Turkey and its crisis

Sefika Kumral (Johns Hopkins): Ballots with Bullets: Elections, Violence and the Rise of Extreme Right in Turkey. Umit Akcay (HWR Berlin): Neoliberal Populism in Turkey and Its Crisis. Populism through uprooted truths: Can Mert Kokerer on the resiliency of Erdogan and the AKP (and part 2). The man from Kasimpasa: Erdogan is all too easily labelled a populist — but the reasons for his popularity are more complicated. State of sleaze: Suzy Hansen on Erdogan’s authoritarian hustle. How Turkey’s outreach to its diaspora is inflaming tensions with Europe. Who is a Turk? It’s complicated — Turkey’s government has made the ethnic origins of its citizens available online, and the results are shattering the myth of racially pure Turkishness.