Meredith Goldstein & Wesley Morris | Can't Help Myself

Meredith discusses her new memoir with New York Times Journalist Wesley Morris.

Meredith Goldstein, the mastermind behind the Boston Globe advice column Love Letters, is coming to the Strand for the release of her new memoir! In Can't Help Myself, Goldstein takes readers through the origins of the column, its wild online-to-print success, and reveals what was happening in her own life as Love Letters grew. Despite her calm and collected attitude in writing, Goldstein doesn’t have it all figured out for herself. She has her own questions about aging parents, office break-ups, dating-in-your-thirties, feminism, porn habits, and Tinder. In Can't Help Myself, we watch as Love Letters becomes Goldstein’s anchor, helping her through painful breakups and a family cancer diagnosis, just as she anchors her readers through their own setbacks and tragedies. With humor (the ex she calls “Draco Malfoy,” the millennial pals she calls “The Rachels”) and the collective empathy of a dedicated online community, Can't Help Myself is an extraordinary and touching portrait of a single woman navigating the difficulties of life and love for both herself and thousands of others.