The realities of slavery

Andrew B. Hall (Stanford) and Connor Hu and Shiro Kuriwaki (Harvard): Wealth, Slave Ownership, and Fighting for the Confederacy: An Empirical Study of the American Civil War. Yeonha Jung (BU): How the Legacy of Slavery Has Survived: A Mechanism through Labor Market Institutions and Human Capital. Alex Carp on slavery and the American university. From The Root, yes, there was slavery in New York, and a New York City college has compiled a free, searchable database from that terrible time; what we thought we knew about Africa and slavery might not be right; and is anyone shocked that slavery continued a century after emancipation? “But slavery was so long ago”.

Africatown and the 21st-century stain of slavery: The descendants of Cudjo Lewis, the final survivor of the last slave ship to land in America, fight for respect and environmental justice. Indian slavery once thrived in New Mexico — Latinos are finding family ties to it. From the Council of Foreign Relations, a special report on Modern Slavery: Slavery, long banned and universally condemned, persists in many corners of the world, victimizing tens of millions of people.

From Vox, P.R. Lockhart on the ignorance of Kanye West; and Tara Isabella Burton on the insidious cultural history of Kanye West’s slavery comments. Kanye West seems ignorant on the realities of slavery — that’s shockingly common. Today in unexpected political realignments: Republicans are now more likely than Democrats to like Kanye West.