What trouble Trump is in

“These are very dangerous questions for the president”. What is Mueller up to? What his team’s list of questions and strategy reveals about what they’ve got and where they’re going. Mueller’s questions point to what trouble Trump is in. Mueller’s questions show that he wants to get Trump to incriminate himself. We know who leaked the Mueller questions, and why. From Crooked Media, Brian Beutler on debunking Trump’s biggest Russia lie and on how Trump’s lies have caught up with him. Benjamin Wittes on the game theory of a Trump subpoena. Emmet Flood will be the most competent person on Trump’s legal team.

“What I find most significant about Rudy’s admission is what it says about the nature of the relationship between Trump and Cohen and how it suggests an M.O. for other more serious crimes”. Rudy Giuliani’s legal recklessness: Trump’s famous attorney has a lot in common with his client. Giuliani’s FBI “stormtroopers” smear is the key to Trump’s authoritarian mind-set. Giuliani’s Hannity interview got the attention — his Washington Post interview was even worse. Giuliani’s other big admission may be even worse for Trump. Did Rudy Giuliani just get Trump in legal trouble? Sean Illing asks 11 legal experts.

Giuliani has to incriminate the president in order to save him? Melissa McEwan on Giuliani: Hold the popcorn. Giuliani calls on Sessions to blow up all the Trump investigations. Stormy Daniels already had a defamation claim against Trump — now she has a splendid case. Donald Trump just tweeted out the rich man’s guide to buying women’s silence. Trump’s Stormy Daniels tweets show how easy he is to blackmail.

Trump and Mueller are closing in on open war. The constitutional crisis phase will now commence. Crooked Trump: “In the matter of the Watergate tapes, the case was called United States v. Richard Nixon. If it becomes necessary, the Department of Justice, acting on behalf of the people, should bring the case of United States v. Donald Trump”.