Same way

Hannah L. Buxbaum (Indiana): Transnational Antitrust Law. What the Koch brothers’ money buys: Internal emails from George Mason University show how cash turns into special favors (and Henry Farrell on the public choice of public choice). Someone please tell the Times that incels are terrorists. Four political science lessons from Kanye West’s embrace of Donald Trump. Jeet Heer on Kanye West’s bastardization of “free thinkers” (and more). Ukraine’s democracy is approaching “make or break” — and the West is missing in action. Did Trump bribe Ukraine to stop cooperating with Mueller? The real reason Mueller hasn’t called Ivanka Trump. The FBI is in crisis — it’s worse than you think.

Jordan Peterson is on a crusade to toughen up young men — it’s landed him on our cultural divide. Jordan Peterson talks political correctness, the radical left, and 12 Rules for Life. Only a country like Canada could produce a guy like Jordan Peterson. “This is just the fucking worst”: Richard Poplak reviews 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B Peterson (and more). Thread: “jordan peterson impresses STEM nerds with entry level humanities stuff the same way every humanities-major journalist thinks statistical regressions are magic”.