Marx at 200

From tripleC: Communication, Capitalism and Critique, a special issue on Karl Marx @ 200: Debating Capitalism and Perspectives for the Future of Radical Theory. From Los Angeles Review of Books, a forum on the Karl Marx Bicentennial. On Marx’s two-hundredth birthday, capitalism’s ideology looks shakier than it has in a while. 21st-century Marx: Each era of modernity has reinvented Marx to fit its needs — how can his analysis of capitalism help us today? Yanis Varoufakis on how Marx predicted our present crisis — and points the way out. Branko Milanovic on the influence of Karl Marx: A counterfactual.

Marx at 200: His writings had greater influence on the 20th century than those of anyone else — but is Karl Marx still relevant in the 21st century? Karl Marx turns 200: Are his ideas still relevant? From Financial Times, why Karl Marx is more relevant than ever: Adam Tooze reviews A World to Win: The Life and Works of Karl Marx by Sven-Eric Liedman; and what would Karl Marx write today? Two hundred years after the philosopher’s birth, two staunch believers in capitalism rewrite The Communist Manifesto. From Dissent, Andrew Hartman on Marx at 200: Just getting started; and Sheri Berman on Marxism’s fatal flaw. Happy birthday, Karl Marx: You were right. Ryan Cooper on why it’s time to normalize Karl Marx.