Those who associate with Trump

The original Donald Trump: The New York Establishment will ignore unscrupulous acts to serve its interests — just look how it treated Roy Cohn, onetime lawyer to the president. Better call Cohen: Seth Hettena on the shady cases of a Trump lawyer’s personal injury practice. Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen went to the worst law school in America. How Michael Cohen, Trump’s fixer, built a shadowy business empire. David Adler on why bad men love real estate: Of course Sean Hannity is a landlord. Sean Hannity’s learned helplessness: The Fox News host’s radical relativism is all too familiar to anyone acquainted with Russian propaganda.

“Truly impressive that Pruitt can supply a quality scandal on an almost daily basis for weeks on end. Kid’s got game”. Steve Benen on 48 hours that should (but probably won’t) end Scott Pruitt’s career. Scott Pruitt’s breathtaking corruption is part of Paul Ryan’s legacy. Mike Pence praises notorious criminal Joe Arpaio as tireless champion of the “rule of law”. Mike Pence’s peculiar sense of morality: Mike Pence has managed to appall just about everyone across the political spectrum — that takes some doing. Those who associate with Trump often live to regret it.