The Trump circus

Philip Bump on how money flowed through Michael Cohen’s multi-purpose shell company. Russian oligarch-linked firm that paid Michael Cohen was also represented by Trump lawyer Marc Kasowitz. Michael Cohen, Trump’s man of mystery: How serious are his ties to a Russian oligarch, and why was his case separated from Robert Mueller's investigation? Corporations are giving absurd explanations for why they hired Michael Cohen. “There’s a sense in which I sympathize with Novartis here. Trump has made it crystal clear that he’s a crudely transactional politician”. Michael Cohen is just a web of corruption. Pay for pay in the Trump era, to the soundtrack to Goodfellas. Besieged by the media and legal bills, and feeling abandoned by Washington, friends say Michael Cohen is in a “dangerous place”.

From New York, Jonathan Chait on how Trump says there’s no evidence of collusion — there is so much evidence already; how Russian leverage over Trump is not just a theory — it’s now fact; and why Mueller has to expose Trump’s crooked business empire. Robert Mueller is not done following the money: It’s the only thing that’s ever mattered to Donald Trump. The president is poised to test the extent of executive power — will Robert Mueller and the courts be able to hold him to account? Tierney Sneed on what a legal war between Mueller and Trump will look like. The Supreme Court will make Trump talk to Mueller if it has to.

Trump’s GOP “warriors” lead charge against Mueller. Paul Ryan is ok with Nunes doc demand that might risk lives. The “deep state” is real — but are its leaks against Trump justified? “Trump’s going to be forced to resign”: Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti predicts a fall. The brilliant egomaniac who could bring down Donald Trump: In praise of Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti. Quinta Jurecic on a cheat sheet to the Trump circus.