Marcia Gay Harden | The Seasons of My Mother

Actresses Marcia Gay Harden and Ellen Burstyn discuss Harden’s new memoir.

Marcia Gay Harden knew at an early age that her life would be anything but ordinary. As one of five lively children born into a military family, she found herself moved around often, eventually ending up off the coast of Japan. It was here that her mother found calm in her hectic and child-filled life in Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Marcia had by then founder her role as a mischief-maker and storyteller, yet was also drawn to the flowers.

Told through the imagery of Ikebana, Harden ventures through the different seasons of her mother’s life, and tells her own story as a young girl, and how, together, they are facing her mother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease.