America gets it wrong on Iran

From the Atlantic, Peter Beinart on how Iran hawks are the new Iraq hawks: Many of the assumptions that guided America’s march to conflict in 2003 still dominate American foreign policy today; and on the days after the Iran deal: Prominent advocates for withdrawal grappled too little with the possibility that the president cannot pull this off. John Bolton and Mike Pompeo are headed for a clash. Clashing views on Iran reflect a new balance of power in the cabinet. America gets it wrong on Iran — again. Dealbreaker: Musa al-Gharbi on making our Iran policy counterproductive again. Trump has put America in the worst of all possible worlds.

U.S. president Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal marks the temporary suspension of the trans-Atlantic alliance — what now? Time for Europe to join the resistance. Will Trump attempt to bully the rest of the world into compliance? How racism could drive support for war with Iran. Trump’s Iran-deal exit has raised the risk of war, even faster than expected. The escalation between Iran and Israel has everything to do with Trump. “There is always a tweet”.