Of racism

Carole J. Lee (Washington): A Dispositional Account of Aversive Racism. Shamira Ibrahim on black loiterers, white lingerers, and Starbucks coffee. Starbucks, Yale, and the abuse of 911 against black Americans. When white people call the police on black people. White people keep calling the cops on black people for no reason — that’s dangerous: Calling 911 means different things to white and black people. Rakem Balogun spoke out against police brutality — now he is believed to be the first prosecuted under a secretive US effort to track so-called “black identity extremists”. Michael Harriot on the top 10 ways black people keep racism alive, according to wypipo.

Strange brew: D.R. Tucker on the Right’s pathetic denial of racism. Yes, Donald Trump is making white people more hateful: A new study finds empirical evidence of the “Trump Effect”. George Wallace tapped into racial fear — decades later, its force remains potent. Study: Overhyped media narratives about America’s fading white majority fuel anxiety. What is wrong with these people? Republicans have a “nonwhite” problem: Maybe if conservatives acknowledged that racism is still a serious problem and acted like they cared, lefties would feel more comfortable toning down their attacks a smidge.