Inequality is a bigger threat to our democracy than Putin is

Kate Andrias (Michigan): The Fortification of Inequality: Constitutional Doctrine and the Political Economy. Our constitution wasn’t built for this: It’s lasted 230 years, but the founders didn’t plan for this economy. The lines that divide America: Americans are increasingly segregated by socioeconomic class — and have forgotten that all citizens deserve a shot at moving ahead. If we care about inequality, we must confront capital. Inequality is getting so bad even Wall Street is starting to pay attention. Inequality is a bigger threat to our democracy than Putin is. Dean Baker on blaming inequality on technology: Sloppy thinking for the educated.

Hamilton Nolan on how inequality is too strong for our puny governments. Inequality is rising across the globe — and skyrocketing in the U.S. (and more) In cowboy country, inequality is not a bug — it’s a uniquely American strategy. It matters who gets what and in what proportions: Nathan Robinson on why equality is indispensable. Rising American inequality: Kevin Lansing, Agnieszka Markiewicz on new evidence on winners and losers. Matt Bruenig on a simple fix for our massive inequality problem. Sarah Jaffe interviews Rep. Keith Ellison on why it might be time to think about a maximum wage. Why is it so hard for democracy to deal with inequality?

Roger Altman is confused: Policy has led to inequality, not the natural workings of the economy. The top 0.1% of American households hold the same amount of wealth as the bottom 90%. Elizabeth Kolbert on the psychology of inequality: Researchers find that much of the damage done by being poor comes from feeling poor. “Inequality is usually studied using one factor — consumption, income or wealth; when the three are combined into one measure, inequality is even worse than we thought it was”. Huge human inequality study hints revolution is in store for U.S. Myths of the 1 percent: Jonathan Rothwell on dispelling misconceptions about what’s driving income inequality in the U.S.

Christopher Ingraham on how rising inequality hurts everyone, even the rich. Angus Deaton on the under-discussed driver of inequality in America: “It’s easier for rent-seekers to affect policy here than in much of Europe”. Jessie Daniels on how white families are engines of inequality. How did we end up with an infestation of billionaires? Steven Teles and Brink Lindsey on how the state can make inequality worse. Jeff Stein on how 12 experts would end inequality if they ran America.