Zizek, the philosopher

A new issue of the International Journal of Zizek Studies is out, including Simon Rajbar (Cardiff): The Ontology of Crisis: The Sublimity of objet petit a and the Master-Signifier. Joshua Rayman (South Florida): Zizek’s Ethics. In The Courage of Hopelessness, Slavoj Zizek, the so-called “Elvis of critical theory”, argues that it’s not until we’ve jettisoned even the remotest hope of redemption — when we’ve admitted that the light at the end of the tunnel is in fact the headlight of an oncoming train — that we can truly rehabilitate our society. In a London cafe, Anja Steinbauer chats with Slavoj Zizek, the philosopher who invented the word “idiosyncratic”. Slavoj Zizek on Marx today: The end is near, only not the way we imagined it. It’s hard to believe, but just in 2011, Slavoj Zizek was speaking at Occupy Wall Street to excitement and acclaim.