Deeper wedge

Keerthana Raj and Sreeramana Aithal (Srinivas): The Concept of Cockroach Theory of Sustainable and Scalable Organizational and Individual Growth. Mary-Jane V Rubenstein (Wesleyan): The Matter with Pantheism: On Shepherds and Goat-Gods and Mountains and Monsters. Convincing you that nothing better is possible: Nathan Robinson on why it’s actually good if you die from a treatable disease because you can’t afford medicine. Dic Lit: Ava Kofman reviews The Infernal Library: On Dictators, the Books They Wrote, and Other Catastrophes of Literacy by Daniel Kalder. You can download Understanding the Global Energy Crisis, ed. Eugene D. Coyle and Richard A. Simmons (2014).

Top State Department nuclear expert Richard Johnson announces resignation after Trump Iran deal exit. Who’s working on Iranian nuclear proliferation in the Trump administration? Trump drives a deeper wedge between the US and its European allies. U.S. sanctions against allies over Iran deal like “blowing up a bridge while still standing on it”.