Already prevalent

Marcus Hunter (UCLA): The Sociology of Stuart Hall. Cass Sunstein (Harvard): On Preferring A to B, While Also Preferring B to A. After a career built on lies, Rex Tillerson slams leaders like Trump who lie: Former CEO of Exxon, the leader in climate disinformation, rebukes those who push “alternative realities”. Whether President Trump was referring to MS-13 gang members or all deportees is unclear — but he didn’t exactly hasten to clarify. Donald Trump and the disturbing power of dehumanizing language: Dehumanization is already prevalent in America — we don’t need anyone, especially Trump, stoking it further. The problem with public pensions isn’t size, it’s the politics of funding.

This is why North Korea reacted so strongly to Bolton’s mention of the “Libya model”. Bolton emerges as potential wrecking ball for Trump’s Kim summit (and more). Kim Jong-un just used Trump’s favorite tactic against him. Is Trump getting played by North Korea? Ahead of North Korea talks, Trump “doesn’t think he needs to” prepare. Trump can’t afford to admit his failures with North Korea.