Francisco Cantú in Conversation with Misha Glenny

Former US Border Patrol agent and award-winning writer, Francisco Cantú is joined by the best-selling author of McMafia, Misha Glenny to celebrate the release of his debut memoir of his time on the Mexican border, The Line Becomes A River.

Francisco Cantú was a US Border Patrol agent from 2008 to 2012 working at the crossroads of remote drug routes and smuggling corridors. The job was to track people across a vast terrain, through blistering days and frigid nights. He detained the exhausted, the parched, and hauled in the bodies from where they had fallen. But as a third-generation Mexican-American, Francisco found that the line he was duty-bound to defend began to dissolve. Haunted by nightmares even after leaving the patrol, he found himself drawn back by friendship and plunged into a final confrontation with a world he believed he had escaped.

For this unique and timely event Francisco is joined by author, journalist and veteran broadcaster Misha Glenny taking us beyond one man’s experience of these sprawling borderlands to reveal truths about life, wherever it is lived, on either side of any arbitrary line.