Family separation, evil via policy

Emily Stewart on the past 72 hours in outrage over Trump’s immigrant family separation policy, explained. Understanding the administration’s monstrous immigration policies: Brianna Rennix on what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. McAllen, Texas, immigration processing center is largest in U.S. The ICE ruse: How agents impersonate local law enforcement and lie to make arrests. Donald Trump’s cruel immigration politics is a scam. The government has no plan for reuniting the immigrant families it is tearing apart. Separating families at border was always part of the plan. Miller time: Family separation policy is just the beginning. Trump sees immigrant children as bargaining chips in political fight (and more). Trump aides plan fresh immigration crackdowns before midterms. GOP fears midterms backlash from breaking up families at the border. We’re getting a taste of the backlash mass deportation would create.

Sessions says family separation is “necessary” to keep the country from being “overwhelmed” — federal immigration data says otherwise. “We will not apologize”: Trump DHS chief Kirstjen Nielsen defends immigration policy (and more and more). Josh Marshall on family separation, evil via policy and the internal contradictions of Trumpism. White House says separating migrant families is “biblical” — prominent Christians disagree. On sending women home to die: Rafia Zakaria on what denying asylum to victims of domestic abuse means, in real life. Sarah Jones on motherhood and the morality of Trump’s immigration policy. Yoka Verdoner: “Nazis separated me from my parents as a child. The trauma lasts a lifetime”. William Wan on what separation from parents does to children: “The effect is catastrophic”. These children will have stories to tell — and they will be told.

Ann Coulter smears immigrant children as “child actors”. The author whose work Ann Coulter cited to defend family separations says Coulter must be illiterate. Ann Coulter’s vicious, dehumanizing book about immigrants is effective propaganda. Trump’s voters separated the families — they’ll never apologize for doing so. Trump job approval at 45%, tying personal best (and more).