Deal that aims

Patrick Barry (Michigan): The Rule of Three. Greece and Macedonia have signed a deal that aims to settle a decades-long dispute over Macedonia’s name. Alexis Tsipras deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Catherine Rampell on how Trump’s tariffs are already backfiring. “Why can’t we just do it?”: Trump nearly upended summit with abrupt changes. Cheryl Wischhover on how soccer players’ hair became so influential. Matt Ford on the consequences of the Supreme Court’s punt on gerrymandering. Joseph Heath on the problem with “critical” studies (and a response). Brian Feldman on the coming sad decline of the post–net neutrality Internet. You can download The Problem of Political Theology, ed. Pawel Armada, Arkadiusz Gornisiewicz, and Krzysztof C. Matuszek (2012).