Killing with drones

Marko Kovic (ZIPAR): The Strategic Paradox of Autonomous Weapons. From Filozofija i drustvo, Meisels Tamar (Tel Aviv): Targeted Killing with Drones? Old Arguments, New Technologies; and Srdan T. Korac (Belgrade): Depersonalisation of Killing: Towards a 21st Century Use of Force “Beyond Good and Evil?” The wounds of the drone warrior: Even soldiers who fight wars from a safe distance have found themselves traumatized — could their injuries be moral ones? Avengers in wrath: Dave Blair and Karen House on moral agency and trauma prevention for remote warriors. The “killer robots” are us: The campaign to ban autonomous weapons takes aim at technology, and lets humans off the hook.

A shadowy war’s newest front: A drone base rising from Saharan dust. Militant groups have drones — now what? Why the world needs to regulate autonomous weapons, and soon. When it comes to AI and weapons, the tech world needs philosophers. The importance of not having autonomous killer robots: The U.S. military is actively developing deadly uncontrolled drone swarms — stopping this madness should be a high priority.