Pointing out

Ruth Okediji (Harvard): Does Intellectual Property Need Human Rights? Bart van Leeuwen (Radboud) and Michael S. Merry (Amsterdam): Should the Homeless Be Forcibly Helped? From Vox, Jen Kirby on Jim Jordan and the Ohio State sexual abuse controversy, explained; and what Donald Trump and Jim Jordan really mean when they say “locker room talk”. Jim Jordan condemns others without mercy — his role in the Ohio State wrestling scandal should be judged the same way. Trump declares war on the #MeToo Movement. Will Trump be meeting with his counterpart — or his handler? Jonathan Chait on a plausible theory of mind-boggling collusion. Better does not mean good: You can’t defend injustices by pointing out that they’re slightly less bad than other injustices.

Scott Pruitt resigns, leaving behind a toxic mess at the EPA (and more). “Super polluting” trucks receive loophole on Pruitt’s last day. Goodbye to the worst EPA administrator of all time. Scott Pruitt’s resignation is just the start. Susan Glasser on John Kelly, Scott Pruitt, and the epic turnover of the Trump administration. Shift at EPA shows technocrats are replacing big-personality Cabinet members. Pruitt is gone — Congress still doesn’t care about ethics. Scott Pruitt must still be prosecuted for his crimes. Scott Pruitt’s exit shows the enduring value of hard-hitting journalism.