Delivering Brexit

Mimi-Rose Evans, Chris Sumner and Matthew Shearing (Online Privacy Foundation), John E. Scofield (Missouri), Erin M. Buchanan (Missouri State): The Role of Personality, Authoritarianism and Cognition in the United Kingdom’s 2016 Referendum on European Union Membership. Paul D Beaumont (UMB): Brexit, Retrotopia, and the Perils of Post-Colonial Delusions. This is what the EU really thinks about Theresa May’s new Brexit plan. We are so monumentally screwed: Cancelling Brexit might spark a hard right backlash — but delivering Brexit definitely will. Will Brexit break the Conservatives? They’ve come through war, the end of Empire and not a few spats about Europe — but just occasionally a special sort of row arises, one that truly sinks the Tories. Jacek Rostowski on the decline and fall of Brexit.