The joy of communal football watching

Michael J. Madison (Pittsburgh): The Football as Intellectual Property Object. Antonio Sotomayor (Illinois): Caribbean Soccer: Hispanoamericanismo and the Identity Politics of Futbol in Puerto Rico, 1898-1920s. Steven A. Bank (UCLA): Reforming FIFA from the Inside Out. Petros C. Mavroidis (Columbia): All Quiet in the Western (European Football) Front: Regulation of Football in the European Continent. Jamie Cleland (South Australia): The English Premier League in a Global Context. An interview with Simon Critchley, author of What We Think About When We Think About Soccer (and more). MLS player comes out, making him the only openly gay athlete in the 5 major sports leagues.

The World Cup? It is all about politics. England rising: How the World Cup and Gareth Southgate’s young, diverse team reawakened a sense of progressive English nationalism. Let’s not romanticise the World Cup: Can we share the joy of communal football watching without glossing over the toxic, discriminatory effects of its commodification? The world in a World Cup: If soccer is a window into human nature, why is it so hard to apply its insights to everyday life?