The wreckage of the Trump-Putin summit

Christopher Shea interviews historian Michael Kimmage on the wreckage of the Trump-Putin summit. The 13 scariest reactions to Trump’s disastrous Russia summit, ranked. “No way to run a superpower”: Susan Glasser on the Trump-Putin summit and the death of American foreign policy. Donald Trump and the crisis of elite impunity: The Russia scandal is about more than collusion — it’s also about the corruption of America’s elites. Does the mainstream media regret using all those emails allegedly stolen by Russians? Dan Nexon on Russian electoral intervention: Strategic genius or something else?

Putin tells diplomats he made Trump a new offer on Ukraine at their summit. Coming to terms with Trump’s new “agreements” with Russia’s Putin. Report: Trump was told of Putin’s role in election attack in Jan. 2017. The New York Times just revealed extremely sensitive intelligence — what might that mean? The worst security risk in U.S. history: No one knows what President Trump told Vladimir Putin in Helsinki — or why even his own national-security adviser was excluded from the room. A theory of Trump kompromat: Why the President is so nice to Putin, even when Putin might not want him to be. The double down from hell: Trump invites Putin to D.C. for second meeting (and more).

Michael Kazin on five reasons why the Left should care about Russiagate. Polls: GOP voters think Trump’s Putin summit went great. A new talking point from the pro-Trump fringe: A new line of punditry is bubbling up among the president’s followers online — it was a positive thing that the Russians hacked the 2016 election. Time to bury the illusion of a Republican revolt against Trump. House Republicans are trying to thwart Dem Russia probe. If this is not treason, then what is it? Trump is being manipulated by Putin — what should we do? Too bad we can do nothing about the excesses of this president.