A defining moment for Democrats

Trump’s cruelty and hate are creating a defining moment for Democrats. David Remnick on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s historic win and the future of the Democratic Party. There is a revolution on the Left — Democrats are bracing. Democrats can capitalize on Donald Trump’s failed policies in the Midwest, even if some voters are gone for good. Yes, Democrats need to run left — on economics. The “do what you want” theory of politics: Why embracing “Abolish ICE” and Medicare-for-all won’t doom the Democrats. A Democratic blue wave? Don’t forget the Republicans’ big hill — one seems like an unstoppable force, but a G.O.P. structural advantage may represent an immovable object.

Winning is not enough: Democrats are focused on taking back power — but our democracy depends on them keeping it; to do that, they have to start thinking differently (and more and more).