The Kavanaugh nomination

Brendan T. Beery (Western Michigan): How to Argue Liberty Cases in a Post-Kennedy World: It’s Not About Individual Rights, But State Power and the Social Compact. Timing is everything in politics — and the fight against Trump’s SCOTUS nominee is political. Even Never Trump evangelicals might be swayed by the Supreme Court. Brett Kavanaugh is nice — that doesn’t mean he’s not sexist. David Cole on ten questions Brett Kavanaugh must answer. A courtier for the imperial presidency: For almost 20 years, Brett Kavanaugh has been a consistent voice in favor of maximal executive power and privilege. Elite law professors are brushing politics aside to support fellow elite Brett Kavanaugh — that’s inexcusable in the Trump era. Trump’s supreme betrayal: The Kavanaugh nomination is the opposite of populism. What are Republicans hiding about Brett Kavanaugh?