On your side

Amy Adler (NYU): Why Art Does Not Need Copyright. Douglas M. Branson (Pittsburgh): Reforming the Gaming Industry. From Congressional Research Service, a report on how flying cars and drones pose policy challenges for managing and regulating low-altitude airspace. J. Gregory Sidak on making the Postal Service great again. I am taking a vacation — and so should you. “He comes down for the day, and whatever he saw on Fox and Friends, he schedules meetings based on that”. Michael Hannon on his book What’s the Point of Knowledge? David Streitfeld on Amazon’s curious case of the $2,630.52 used paperback. Want to change society’s views? Here’s how many people you’ll need on your side.

Flynn, Comey, and Mueller: Murray Waas on what Trump knew and when he knew it. “Don McGahn hates Rudy with intensity of 1,000 burning suns”: Is Trump ready to cook Giuliani? The trials of Paul Manafort, explained. What is election “meddling” and when did everyone start using that term?