Partners in public corruption

David Hess (Michigan): Corruption and the Multinational Corporation. Emanuela Ceva (Pavia) and Maria Paola Ferretti (Frankfurt): The Ethics of Anti-Corruption Policies. The yearly Corruption Perceptions Index came out — who got the gold medal? This is what helps stop big corporations from bribing politicians. Michael D. Gilbert (Virginia): Transparency and Corruption: A General Analysis. David Y Kwok (Houston): The Private Partners in Public Corruption. Eugene Temchenko (Cornell): A First Amendment Right to Corrupt Your Politician. David Jancsics (SDSU): Shell Companies and Government Corruption. Trump cannot keep his corruption hidden forever — here’s what’s coming. This is so much bigger than Paul Manafort: With Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman on trial, America is reckoning with its very serious kleptocracy problem.