Strain of conservatism

Philip Cohen (Maryland): How Conservatism Makes Peace with Trump. The rise of the snowflake conservative: When did conservatives get so sensitive to criticism? Great White Hype: A rising pundit class makes Bannonism sound respectable. How the Republican Party became the party of racism. Why hopelessness is conservative: Those who defend the established order want you to believe that you’re stupid and can’t change anything. Can the Republican Party survive Trump? Four Never-Trump conservatives discuss. Adam Liptak on how conservatives weaponized the First Amendment. Donald Trump is embracing a traditional strain of conservatism — just not the one you think.

The destruction of the Republican Party: The Republicans may be sealing their party’s fate as the manifestation of Trumpism, rather than traditional conservatism. Two ways of responding to conservatives: Instead of criticizing them for poor character, we should show why their “ideas” are shallow, incoherent, and will make people miserable. The new Know-Nothings: Trump’s G.O.P. is not the party of Reagan and Bush, but of a much older, darker American political tradition. Conservatism on paper: Right-wing banalities about tradition and culture sound pleasant until we discuss what they actually imply. Is Anglo-American conservatism enough? Republicans are now conceding their core values.

How social science might be misunderstanding conservatives. “Constitutional conservatives” lose interest in holding Trump accountable: As on war and spending, the constitutional conservative approach to oversight is best demonstrated when the president is a Democrat. Roger Scruton on what Trump doesn’t get about conservatism. Conservatives are scared, even under Trump: Liberals decry the forward march of a right-wing agenda — but people on the right believe they’re on the defensive.

Thread: “But it's not only the elected officials who, by surrendering to Trump out of expedience, have now tied themselves to his catastrophe. Trump voters are also trapped by the enormity of his awfulness”. Jacob Hamburger reviews Conservatives Against Capitalism: From the Industrial Revolution to Globalization by Peter Kolozi. You can download A Companion to Michael Oakeshott, ed. Leslie Marsh and Paul Franco (2012).