It isn’t every day

Vanessa Saalfeld, Zeina Ramadan, Vaughan Bell, and Nichola J. Raihani (UCL): Experimentally Induced Social Threat Increases Paranoid Thinking. Have a cryptocurrency company? Bermuda, Malta or Gibraltar wants you. It isn’t every day that the U.S. Department of Justice acknowledges formally that the President of the United States lied in a speech to Congress. What would happen if the Earth turned into blueberries? Thanks to a new paper, now we know. Liberals, don’t lose faith in the First Amendment. Kirsten Gillibrand pays the price for speaking out against Al Franken. Kirsten Gillibrand helped end Al Franken’s career; that could end hers — or make her president. As Trump claims power to pick federal agency judges, skeptics fear court-packing. The sudden end of the Ethiopia-Eritrea war, explained.

Some Republicans find Russian help in midterms “appropriate”. Collusion is worse than a crime: To debate whether Trump acted criminally is to miss the greater point — he’s a national-security threat. Trump’s pardon power is almost useless.