The new Republican plan to deregulate America

Rory Van Loo (BU): Regulatory Monitors. Jedediah S. Purdy (Duke): Beyond the Bosses’ Constitution: Toward a Democratic First Amendment (“A jurisprudence that aims at government neutrality by tying the distributional hands of the state cannot achieve neutrality, but instead implicitly sides with market inequality over distinctively democratic forms of equality”.) Patrick Newman (Florida Southern): The Big Meat: The Beef Trust, Regulatory Capture, and Government Intervention. GOP maneuver could roll back decades of regulation. The new Republican plan to deregulate America, explained: A novel use of the Congressional Review Act is a powerful tool in the conservative war on the administrative state. Jodi L. Short (UC-Hastings): The Trouble with Counting: Cutting through the Rhetoric of Red Tape Cutting. Republicans can’t even cut red tape correctly.