Trump’s preposterous

What’s normal, what’s not and what matters: A recent survey asked 679 political scientists to rate which Trump administration actions were the most unconventional. Stop calling Trump a populist: From tax cuts to Kavanaugh, he’s been relentless about hurting working-class Americans. “It’s like there’s a reality TV president, in his own bubble, thinking he controls stuff. It’s like The Truman Show.” The presidency is revealing who Trump has always been. From Lawfare, Bob Bauer on Trump’s preposterous “collusion is not a crime” defense: What real lawyers — if asked — would have advised his campaign about the Trump Tower meeting; and what more do we know about l’affaire Russe? Quinta Jurecic and Benjamin Wittes on seven theories of the case, updated. Elaina Plott on why Republicans aren’t planning for the coming Mueller report. Is it a problem when voters think the election will be rigged?