Today’s masculinity

Matthew J. Etchells, Elizabeth Deuermeyer, Vanessa Liles, Samantha Meister, Mario Itzel Suarez, and Warren L. Chalklen (Texas A&M): White Male Privilege: An Intersectional Deconstruction. Why girls can be boyish but boys can’t be girlish. The grown white man in his underwear in Mommy’s basement is the poster boy for a new identity category, the gender separatist. It’s time for men to stop worrying about who they are, and start thinking about what they do. Patriarchy deflated: The #MeToo movement is making male power look silly. What about the boys? Nora Fyles on educating boys for gender justice. Katrina Karkazis on the masculine mystique of T.

Emily K. Carian and Tagart Cain Sobotka (Stanford): Playing the Trump Card: Masculinity Threat and the U.S. 2016 Presidential Election. Too many men: In China and India, men outnumber women by 70 million — both nations are belatedly trying to come to grips with the policies that created this male-heavy generation. University of Texas campaign around healthy masculinity plunges conservative outlets deep into their feelings. Kevin Hardcastle interviews Daemon Fairless on getting into fights, the anxiety-based roots of violence, and the co-opting of masculinity by “public intellectuals”. How Big Dick Energy explains modern masculinity: Big Dick Energy is the meme we need in 2018.

Phil Christman (Michigan): What Is It Like to Be a Man? Samuel Veissiere (McGill): “Toxic Masculinity” in the Age of #MeToo: Ritual, Morality, and Gender Archetypes Across Cultures. Anthony Bourdain took responsibility for toxic masculinity and called out his friends. Today’s masculinity is stifling: As boys grow up, the process of becoming men encourages them to shed the sort of intimate connections and emotional intelligence that add meaning to life. Alia Wong on the many possible meanings of the “masculinity crisis”. Alison Lefkovitz on Jordan Peterson and the return of the men’s rights movement. What kind of man takes his wife’s last name?