Socialism is having a moment in the sun

Luc Bovens (UNC) and Adrien Lutz (UJM): “From Each according to Ability; To Each according to Needs”: Origin, Meaning, and Development of Socialist Slogans. Social democracy comes to America: Why the US is the new Europe, and what it means for the Left. The socialist network: Are today’s young, Bernie-inspired leftist intellectuals really just New Deal liberals? Democratic socialism, explained by a democratic socialist: It’s not just New Deal liberalism. Democratic socialism is about democracy: At the core of democratic socialism is a simple idea — democracy is good, and it should be expanded. Corey Robin on why the argument for democracy is now working for socialists rather than against them. A time to be bold: Socialism is having a moment in the sun — it’s a chance to push a bold, transformative vision of what a society for the many rather than the few can look like.