Gender politics of power

Marion Godman (Copenhagen): Gender as a Historical Kind: A Tale of Two Genders? Claudia Geist and Kari Dockendorff (Utah): Gendering Gender: Introducing Gender Image as a Way to Assess Variation in Gender Expression in Survey Research. Daniel Wodak (Virginia Tech) and Robin Dembroff (Yale): He/She/They/Ze. John Tehranian (Southwestern): Copyright’s Male Gaze: Authorship and Inequality in a Panoptic World. Dora Suarez on social construction theory and the transgender turn. Bonnie Hong on the Trump Doctrine and the gender politics of power. Gender as colonial object: Lucas Ballestin on the spread of Western gender categories through European colonization. You can download Mainstreaming Politics: Gendering Practices and Feminist Theory, ed. Carol Bacchi and Joan Eveline (2010).