American politics in recent years

From Perspectives on Politics, a special section on the New (ab)Normal in American Politics. Jordan T. Cash (Virginia) and Dave Bridge (Baylor): Donald Trump and Institutional Change Strategies. Chris Melenovsky (Utica): Not all Political Lies are Morally Equal. Johnny Rex Buckles (Houston): Unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: On Public Policy and Public Service by Evangelicals. Since the 19th century, government statistics have been central to our sense of shared social reality — is that going away? Some things are worse than paying taxes: Fee-based governance, standard in the Gilded Age, has been making a comeback of sorts — that’s not healthy.

The alt-ostrich movement: Informed judgment is so rare in Washington there is a prize for it. Politicians don’t need new ideas: What they need are good ideas, plenty of which have been around for years. Why is political courage so rare? The obstacles preventing politicians from taking a stand. How to make politicians pay for lying. Public servants are losing their foothold in the middle class (and more). Bernardo Zacka on his book When the State Meets the Street: Public Service and Moral Agency. What to do with former Trump officials? How Donald Trump is normal and abnormal. Todd May on disorientation at the end of normative limits.