Feminist turn

Sharon Thompson, Lydia Hayes, and Daniel Newman (Cardiff): The Sexual Contract 30 Years On: A Conversation with Carole Pateman. Barbara Stark (Hofstra): Mr. Trump’s Contribution to Women’s Human Rights. Gregory C. Sisk (St. Thomas): Holding the Federal Government Accountable for Sexual Assault. 5 years later, Lean In seems like a relic from another time. The waves of feminism, and why people keep fighting over them, explained. Which feminisms? The American anti-discrimination paradigm, generated in the 1960s to neutralize the threat of radical black protests, has provided the palimpsest for global feminism for the past twenty years.

Cathrine Holst (Oslo): Promoting Global Justice When Backlash Strikes. Mary Anne Franks (Miami): Beyond “Free Speech for the White Man”: Feminism and the First Amendment. The Equal Rights Amendment’s surprise comeback, explained (and more and more and more and more). “You know you want it”: Violence against women is systemic, embedded in laws, discredited, and far too often ignored. Socialist feminism isn’t about creating more individual rich people, but ensuring prosperity and security for all women. Comedy is part of feminist history — and we need it now more than ever.

Ashley Noel Mack and Bryan J. McCann (LSU): Critiquing State and Gendered Violence in the Age of #MeToo. Krista Comer (Rice): Toward a Feminist Turn. Daniel Del Gobbo (Toronto): The Feminist Negotiator’s Dilemma. The rising of the women: L.A. Kauffman on the #WomenDisobey Action at the Capitol, the largest women’s civil disobedience action in US history.