The Democratic Party is in a much better place

Liberals are the real Nazis, says Donald Trump Jr. — actual Nazis disagree. The “Democratic extremism” narrative is a handy way to distract attention from Republican extremism. The radical Left’s agenda is more popular than the mainstream GOP’s. Donald Trump is making Medicare-for-all inevitable. What are capitalists thinking? If they’re worried about what’s driving the growing appeal of socialism, they need to look in the mirror. How Republican hypocrisy lifts social democrats: By its astoundingly cynical approach to deficits and debt, the G.O.P. has opened the door to an expansive Left. How the American Left is rediscovering morality: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders talk to Sarah Smarsh about knowing what’s right from wrong. “The Democratic Party is in a much better place in August 2018 that I would have thought possible after November 8, 2016”.