Of journalism

Duygu Onay-Coker (TEDU): Towards an Ethical Hermeneutics of Journalism. Is journalism a form of activism? It’s time to take another look at the definition of activism and where journalism fits in. Does the right to be left alone override the public’s right to know? Stephen Rohde reviews Newsworthy: The Supreme Court Battle over Privacy and Press Freedom by Samantha Barbas. “Journalism is not about creating safe spaces”: Inside the woke civil war at the New York Times. Nathan Robinson: “I run a small, independent magazine. I worry Facebook will kill us off”. Anne Helen Petersen on the cost of reporting while female.

Daxton “Chip” Stewart and Kristie Bunton (TCU): Practical Transparency: How Journalists Should Handle Digital Shaming and “The Streisand Effect”. Voices on the Left are rising in the US — why aren’t they in mainstream media? The opinionator: Jason Linkins on James Bennet and the hegemony of the trollgaze (and more). The great remove: Sarah Jones on how journalism got so out of touch with the people it covers. The other side of Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post: A protracted contract dispute suggests that being owned by a tech billionaire may have serious drawbacks for workers. No, Mr. President, journalists aren’t elitists.

The most prestigious slog in Washington: Reporters say covering Donald Trump feels like a historic mission — and a bit of a death march. Study: Male political reporters retweet other dudes 3 times more than their female colleagues. Todd Purdum on Jim Acosta’s dangerous brand of performance journalism. Thread: “If the media wants to reinforce a narrative of snooty coastal libs looking down their noses at heartland rubes — and it very, very much wants to — there's no stopping it”.