Problem is bigger

Randy Fertel (Fertel Foundation): Trickster, His Apocalyptic Brother, and a World’s Unmaking: An Archetypal Reading of Donald Trump. EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini calls on firms to defy Trump over Iran. While condemning Iran, the U.S. contributes to terrorism in the Middle East, too. Who gets this mad at Canada? (and more and more) Facebook’s free speech problem is bigger than Alex Jones. The twilight of free speech liberalism: As the ACLU has transformed itself from a nonpartisan protector of civil liberties into one of Donald Trump’s most bitter political foes, it’s been forced to grapple with fundamental questions about its role in American society. “Too little too late”: Bankruptcy booms among older Americans.

No more Mr. Nice Justice: Brett Kavanaugh’s kindness and courtesy has no bearing on whether he should be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Trump SCOTUS pick: It’s “traditional” for presidents to ignore some laws. Get ready for this nightmare scenario involving Trump, Mueller and Kavanaugh. Compared to what: Jeffrey C. Isaac on a very dark thought about November. Why everyone should oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.