Ever more apparent

Shelley Tremain (York): Philosophy of Disability as Critical Diversity Studies. Will Iran go nuclear over reimposed sanctions? Special report: America’s greatest threat is a hurricane-force cyberattack. Stop worrying about Kavanaugh, liberals — start winning the political argument. If Gretchen Whitmer is “the establishment”, progressives are winning. Enough with the shit, Green Party — the coming midterms are too important for your shenanigans. Why we need government to safeguard against the new robber barons: Competition among media companies is crucial to democracy. My son, Osama: The al-Qaida leader’s mother Alia Ghanem speaks for the first time. The introduction to Envy in Politics by Gwyneth H. McClendon (and more).

Meet Jared Holt, the guy who’s getting Alex Jones kicked off the Internet. Francis Fukuyama on social media and censorship: The idea that the big internet platforms are not media companies has never really been tenable, and the contradictions in their public protestations of neutrality have become ever more apparent over time.