No way around it

Teemu Ruskola (Emory): Notes on The Neutered Mother, or Toward a Queer Socialist Matriarchy. How Trump is turning US diplomats into arms merchants to the world. Narcissists in space: Elon Musk and his space-baron brethren want our admiration — their narcissistic exploits deserve nothing but our scorn. Nick Holdstock on the mass arrests and disappearances in Xinjiang. Why Facebook is losing the war on hate speech in Myanmar. Mainstream fact-checkers are still trying to discredit Bernie Sanders’s Medicare-for-All plan, but there’s no way around it: Single-payer is entirely realistic. Ryan Cooper on the miracle of the United States Postal Service. We’re headed for a future where only the wealthy can enjoy nature.

National security expert Mark Zaid on Trump’s threat to revoke clearances: It’ll “set back the entire security establishment”. Quinta Jurecic on the real risk of the John Brennan episode. Once again, Trump blows up his own lies. Donald Trump has an “n-word tape” agenda. Voting rights advocates used to have an ally in the government — that’s changing. Rick Perlstein and Livia Gershon on stolen elections, voting dogs and other fantastic fables from the GOP voter fraud mythology. A deep dive into the deep state: Anna Merlan unpacks the summer of Trump conspiracy theories. Trump’s hard-core base will not rule this country forever.