Brief post-script

Helene Landemore (Yale): What Does It Mean to Take Diversity Seriously? On Open-Mindedness as a Civic Virtue. Who owns the Moon? A space lawyer answers. Matt Seaton goes behind the anti-Semitism crisis of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. Advice for Jeff Bezos: David S. Miller on social welfare organizations as grantmakers. Can the Catholic Church reform from within? Trump is considering Erik Prince’s plan to privatize the Afghanistan war (and more). Jason Lyall on 5 key lessons from the Taliban’s deadly resurgence in Afghanistan. With a reported 30K ISIS fighters in the Levant, it seems Trump has not yet defeated ISIS. Why are we helping the Saudis bomb children in Yemen?

NYU scholar accused of harassment assails rush to judgment as sign of “sexual paranoia” (and more). Slavoj Zizek on a brief post-script on the case of Avital Ronell. “so, um, this is buried pretty deep in the suit against ronell, almost as an aside. is this the stuff folks really want to risk defending?” Thread: “The academic star system of the 1980s and 1990s in the humanities created a group of people who believed they were better than everyone else and a group of people who were invested in believing the stars were better than everyone else”.