Of philosophy

Dimitris Tsementzis (Rutgers) and Hans Halvorson (Princeton): Foundations and Philosophy. Douglas Ian (Canterbury): The Eightfold Way: Why Analyticity, Apriority and Necessity are Independent. Hannah Rubin (Notre Dame), Cailin O’Connor (UC-Irvine), and Justin Bruner (ANU): Experimental Economics for Philosophers. Tuomas E. Tahko (Helsinki): Meta-metaphysics. Mikkel Gerken (Southern Denmark): Metaepistemology. Xinli Wang (Juniata): Incommensurability and Comparative Philosophy. Cliff Sosis interviews Helen De Cruz of Oxford Brookes University and Eric Schwitzgebel of UC-Riverside. How Ludwig Wittgenstein’s secret boyfriend helped deliver the philosopher’s seminal work.

Nadira Talib (Queensland) and Richard Fitzgerald (Macau): Putting Philosophy Back to Work in Critical Discourse Analysis. Herman Cappelen (Oslo): Conceptual Engineering: The Master Argument. Herman Cappelen (Oslo) and David Plunkett (Dartmouth): A Guided Tour of Conceptual Engineering and Conceptual Ethics. Hrafn Asgeirsson (Surrey): The Influence of the Sorites Paradox in Practical Philosophy. George Yancy on the pain and promise of black women in philosophy. Analytic or continental: Reinier Hoon on the psychology of becoming a philosopher in the 21st century. The first chapter from On Purpose by Michael Ruse.

Uwe Peters (KU Leuven): Implicit Bias, Ideological Bias, and Epistemic Risks in Philosophy. Carlo Cellucci (Rome): Philosophy at a Crossroads: Escaping from Irrelevance. Sebastian Luft (Marquette): On the Status of Analytic and Continental Philosophy Today. Peter P. Slezak (UNSW): Is There Progress in Philosophy? The Case for Taking History Seriously. The philosopher queen: Bold and unapologetic, the marathon-running, opera-loving public intellectual Martha Nussbaum has weighed in on everything from aging to the nature of evil. Pietro Salis interviews Robert Brandom on his current work, some of the central aspects of his philosophy, and about his career and education.

John Marenbon (Cambridge): Why We Need a Real History of Philosophy. Ian James Kidd (Nottingham): Deep Epistemic Vices. From Nordic Wittgenstein Review, Alice Crary (New School): Wittgenstein Goes to Frankfurt (and Finds Something Useful to Say); and Daniel Sharp reviews Wittgenstein’s Moral Thought, ed. Reshef Adam-Segal and Edmund Dain. Jonardon Ganeri reviews Taking Back Philosophy: A Multicultural Manifesto by Bryan W. Van Norden.