The most intense and dangerous period of the Trump presidency

“Law and order” candidate Trump is surrounded by criminals. “They’re squeezing Don Jr. right now”: As the Mueller siege tightens, Trump’s Twitter rage crests. A “perjury trap” isn’t the real reason Trump won’t answer Mueller’s questions. The media keeps giving Trump the benefit of the doubt on collusion. “In related news, I’m sad to report that irony was repeatedly shot and killed today. It’s body was dismembered and dumped off the GW Bridge. RIP Irony”. The Mueller investigation is showing how badly we’ve failed to prosecute white-collar crime.

Conservatives can’t identify journalism, confuse it with doxxing. The power of truth in a “post-truth” age: Fifty years on, the Czech philosophers of the Prague Spring have much to offer the current moment. Self-preservation is Trumping loyalty in Trump’s world. Can the Republican Party survive Donald Trump? Trump’s base has become too delusional for the GOP’s own good. If the Republican Party is going to regain sanity, it needs to lose people like Tom Cotton.

The most intense and dangerous period of the Trump presidency is about to begin. E.J. Dionne on how America is slouching toward autocracy. What is the best way to push back against Donald Trump? Elizabeth Warren just unveiled a dramatic plan to eradicate Washington corruption: Warren’s Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act is a plan to ensure a Trump administration never happens again.