On the verge

Guido Noto La Diega (Northumbria): Against Algorithmic Decision-Making. Pope Francis asked to resign over sex-abuse scandal. We saw nuns kill children: The ghosts of St. Joseph’s Catholic orphanage. Ian Parker on Glenn Greenwald, the bane of their resistance. The US and Mexico made a trade deal — but it’s not a new NAFTA. “Nabra Hassanen's death barely scores anything on the propaganda scale. Here is misogyny at its racist best”: Rafia Zakaria on the hidden tragedies in the Mollie Tibbetts killing (and more). Mollie Tibbetts’s death is about violence against women, not immigration, says a family member (and more). The student debt problem is worse than we imagined. Student loan watchdog guits, says Trump administration “turned its back” on borrowers.

Did the Myanmar military plan its ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya in advance? “We are on the verge of extinction”. One year and 10,000 Rohingya deaths later, UN accuses Myanmar of “genocide”. Facebook finally takes action in Myanmar, 10 months after genocidal crackdown began.