When it comes to Trump’s agenda

From criminal convictions to ethical lapses: Larry Buchanan and Karen Yourish on the range of misconduct in Trump’s orbit. Post-indictment poll shows Duncan Hunter still in the lead. More proof that Ryan Zinke is an industry stooge who misled and lied to the American public. Republican admits Trump broke his popular promises that got him elected. The truth is that, when it comes to Trump’s agenda, Jeff Sessions has been a veritable dream-come-true as attorney general — but there is one place where Jeff Sessions hasn’t been willing to do what Donald Trump wanted from him. People with expertise in Russian organized crime are Trump’s “deep state”. Robert Paul Wolff on why Chomsky’s wrong to think of Russian influence on US elections as small beer.

If Democrats win midterms, Trump could be planning a November surprise. What can the Senate do if Trump fires the attorney general? The Nixon era provides a roadmap. Having impeachment be the big agenda if the Democrats take back the House will be a big mistake. Keeping our priorities straight: Pay the most attention to the things Trump does that actually kill people.